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Married to art:  A Friday Review  New Delhi

Lokvani Boston article :

Dynasty : A Successful performance by the Vasudevan family, says Subbudu : Allahabad is synonymous with "Triveni" the confluence of three majestic rivers, Ganga Yamuna, and Saraswati. Its name sake in Delhi too witnessed the confluence of two mighty dance and music families, namely Brinda and Balasaraswathi on the one hand representing Uma Vasudevan, the Bharatanatyam dancer, and the Late K.J.Govindarajan,the illustrious Bharatanatyam guru, and on the other to represent Uma's husband, Vasudevan,the mridanga Vidwan.

Uma's Bharatanatyam recital at the Triveni Chamber Theatre last week was a event to cherish. Its success was not only due to her genology but also to the excellent orchestral support provided by Vasudevan, his two brothers, Elango on the Nattuvangam, Raghuraman on the flute and of course Sudha, Raghu's wife for vocal support, there by providing the healthiest and sumptuous musical environment.

Uma and Vasudevan are now settled at Canada and run a dance and music school called "Naadham School for Indian Performing Arts".She has travelled widely all over Europe and Vasudevan on his part has been featured in Busy Bodies in CBC. No wonder the programme blossomed into a fine music and dance experience in which the Varnam in Kamas by the Tanjore quartet, "Swami Rammanave" stood out for its polished presentation. The theme was the usual one representing the longing of the heroine for the blisstful company of Lord Brahadeeshwara of Tanjore.

Both pure dance and Abhinaya aspects were perfectly honed and as such the import of the lyrics  came out clearly. Uma's uninhibited Abinaya prowess brought out not only the pangs of separation but also the grandeur of the temple. The jatis effectively uttered by Elango had both punch and precision and Uma provided matching Adavus to them with obvious relish.

Uma has been the sole inheritor of the Balasaraswati school of dance which represents the authentic version of padams and jawali's and as such the two items she presented, one in Tamil and another in Telugu shone like a bright jewel. The mischievous Javali "Samayamithe" in Behag saw Uma in top form.Uma portrayed the very picture of the nayika.Kudos. Sudha Raghuraman provided the haunting music and Raghuraman embellished the recital on the flute. Vasudevan was pat on the beat on the mridangam.

The Statesman Friday 29th march 2003


Uma's Bharatanatyam recital at Shanmukhananda on Sunday proved that she was easily an outstanding young artist. She danced with ease and grace and made the most intricate dance movements appear very simple. This is a rare achievement in one so young and speaks volumes both of her inborn abilities and of the hard work she must have put in, to reach this level of excellence.

Her performance was also an eloquent tribute to the school of dancing to which she belongs. She dances the exacting Varnam in Kalyani to near perfection without appearing to stretch herself and maintained the same level of excellance in all the pieces she danced.

Indian Express, Mumbai



Uma descedent of the legendary Venna Dhannammal and Balasaraswati,continues to specialise in her family's aesthetic tradition. Her bharatanatyam recital was replete with textured grace and a structurally fine understanding of handling body architectonics. Tall and poised Uma had a contained centred strength that gave her style a definitive impace. Throughout the recital the rich vocal support of her grandmother, Smt.T.Mukta for the padms and javali's and the melliflous voice of Guru.Rajaratnam Pillai for the other pieces made for satvikanubhava that rasikas could easily reach out to.

Mid Day, Mumbai.

Uma's offering of Paiyyada (Nadanamakriya) was outstanding: she had the advantage of Smt.T.Mukta her grand mother singing the piece for her.It was heartwarming to see Uma performing Kshetrayya's pada-s. Maybe she has been influenced by her abinaya Guru.Smt.Kalanidhi Narayanan.

Sruti, Chennai.

Uma brought out the beauty of the graceful pure dance movements, familiar stricking postures and intricate rhythmic footwork in several pieces. Uma's slender figure and youthful energy contributed positively to the charm of the performance. The enjoyment of the program was immensely enhanced by the presence of live accompaniment provided by the three Govindarajan brothers. The vocal and Nattuvangam accompaniment by the rich, melodious voice of Elangovan,masterful mridangam by Vasudevan (Uma's husband) and complementing melodies on flute by Raghuraman made this event a feast for the eyes and ears.

Pragati, Montreal 

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